Guess Who


We have a new teacher starting tonight for yin at 7:15...
We can’t show his face yet (because we don’t have a pic :)) BUT ...
We can tell you his name is Lloyd. And this is a little about him...
Lloyd blends breath practice, flowing dance-like movement and traditional Yoga asanas to create a more meaningful connection of mind, body, and spirit.

Lloyd used to think of Yoga was a way to physically enhance his life. Preparing his body for any pursuit that he wanted to do be it sports, running, climbing, swimming, dance … anything really. Now, it has a means of finding balance within his physical body so that he can better experience life with greater authenticity.

The movements open up blocked/stagnant energy and give him the opportunity to feel more. From feeling more opens up to giving and receiving love … another way of saying this is that love is a state of higher appreciation and that asana is a tool that guides into that state. Once in that state intimate flows of energy (Prana, Shakti, etc.) moves through us all.

Lloyd has been practicing Yoga for 10 years and full time for 5 years. Initially, he was always trying to push his students to help them reach their goals in Yoga. Then he found the benefit of having a softer, more alignment focused approach. Now he uses a wide toolkit of Somatic practices to help build awareness in the body and find a deeper meaning of the word ‘practice’. Every class will be available to all body types as the focus is on feeling into your own body, not trying to move into an arbitrary shape.

Lloyd says “Expect to feel your body working, gliding, strengthening and finally releasing into a soft, open space.”