catherine figueroa

Advanced Skin Therapist from The Skin Place

Phone: 0424 343 769

Culminating 20 years of demonstrated knowledge within the health care and aesthetics business space, providing professional development and advice to physicians and industry representatives alike, Catherine now operates her very own flourishing Boutique Skin Rejuvenation studio.

Catherine is a highly regarded Advanced Skin Therapist professional who embarks on a holistic approach to achieve successful outcomes for client skin concerns and ageing well. Her understanding of all skin types, expert knowledge of advanced skin care treatments and a consultative approach, positions her well to offer bespoke skin rejuvenation solutions that will exceed client expectations.

An initial complimentary, obligation free skin analysis will inform you of available treatments for identified concerns. Access to high quality and effective clinically proven cosmeceutical ingredients to invest in the prevention of long term damage and avoid more intrusive costly procedures will support you in your rejuvenation journey.

Catherine has proven accomplishments in treating all types of skin from normal to acne prone and offers solutions to the following concerns:

• Fine lines and wrinkles

• Sun and Age spots

• Acne and Oil control

• Redness and Sensitivity

• Ageing Skin

Catherine is gracious, responsive and excited to start working with you to manage your goals to ensure you have the best skin you can.