Dr Chris fehres

from Fehresian Energetics

Hi everyone!

I love acupuncture and I believe it has the capacity to do a great deal of good for a whole lot of people. I am quite open about my obsession about the inner workings of the human body and I have made it a personal quest of mine to discover as much as I can about how acupuncture can help assist our innate healing ability.

In the clinic room I bring with me my knowledge and expertise, not just as an acupuncturist, yet also as a human being with life experience in dealing with pain and helping others heal from theirs. While I have a special interest in treating pain and musculoskeletal disorders, I treat anyone who walks through my door with the same interest and care.

When you choose me as your acupuncture practitioner, I bring to you my wealth of knowledge about the human body from both Eastern and Western perspectives, discipline, dedication and attention to detail required for your individual treatment and care, and the warmth and understanding that all humans should have for each other when they are helping someone else heal.

I very much look forward to meeting you and having the chance to help you on your journey.