Subconscious Healer & Intuitive Energy Trainer

Emma is an Intuition Wisdom Energy Trainer. She has advanced in modern healing techniques for adults, teens, children and pets. She offers the deepest form of subconscious healing, which means that she can create magnificent shifts in your life and relationships.

‘By looking beneath the surface into the subconscious of my clients, I can discover the root cause of any limitation in their lives. All unwanted circumstances or health issues have begun subconsciously and it’s my job to uncover exactly what these limitations are and clear them for my clients.

This creates magical breakthroughs for them… shifting limitations that have been with them for a lifetime… offering them a fresh perspective on life and love. They walk away feeling inspired and fulfilled within themselves, reaching new levels of love and appreciation.’

Subconscious Healing - Transforming Your Relationships

As an expert in relationship dynamics, Emma focuses her attention on restoring Family Connections... helping parents and children, of all ages, breakthrough their resistance to love and connection. Her experience connecting with families and children gives her a unique edge in the world of healing…. Not only has she mastered the energetic connections of healthy relationships and integrated them into her own life but she has now discovered a way to share this with the world and offer these transformational benefits for families across the globe.

‘My purpose is to Expand Love & Light In Relationships and is driven by my passion for healing. When I discovered Intuition Wisdom, my life changed forever, because I now have a way to live my life purpose in a way that is accessible to anyone! When I think about where I can make the biggest impact with this gift, I’m drawn to families… by helping them clear away the ego-mind dynamics that destroy family bonds, I can bring relationship transformations into the family home. This is my heart-felt contribution to the world!’

Emma offers a series of Subconscious Healing Services alongside Intuitive Energy Trainings, where she teaches others how to create a relationship with their higher self / soul. This is offered for all ages in a fun and enlightened way. Adults, teens and children can all benefit from connecting and learning with Emma. She offers an amazing opportunity to discover your truth, connect with your life purpose and effortlessly transform your life.

Free Subconscious Healing Sessions With Emma Wachs:

Come and meet Emma for a Free Subconscious Healing Session. As an expert in relationship dynamics, she is the perfect person to approach for questions regarding love and connecting with others. She will offer intuitive insights as to what the root cause of your relationship difficulties are and subconsciously shift them with her magical healing gifts.

Intimacy Of The Soul Workshop

In this workshop, you will discover the secrets to creating an Intimate Relationship with your Soul. Using Intuition Wisdom techniques, you will learn how to integrate energy and create an instant space of stillness for yourself. This is the perfect introduction to exploring your true self connection and seeing what’s possible with a modern approach to healing.