jodie ramona mcskimming

Jodie Ramona McSkimming

Acutonics & Biofield Tuning

For enquiries about Acutonics and Biofield Tuning Sound Treatments or or to book your consultation, please call or text Jodie on 0400 236 457.

Acutonics and Biofield Tuning are Sound Healing Therapies that utilise frequency, sound and energetic medicine to re-harmonise the body’s many systems.

Sound Healing Therapies are increasingly sought after and can assist in

* Relaxation
* Easing Anxiety
* Easing Insomnia
* Adrenal Fatigue & General Fatigue
* Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
* Improving general Well Being & Vitality
* Renourishing you and your body during and
after times of stress
* Easing physical pain such as backaches,
headaches or body tension
* Clearing emotional blocks & trauma
* Reconnecting to your own inner stability, inner
calm & source of power
* Reconnecting to source, the awe of nature,
greater cycles & your relationship with them
* Harmonising organ function and
mind/body/spirit energetics.
* Supporting your personal evolution & expansion
* Moving stuck patterning and addictive
* Optimum body function & experience of life
* Having a completely nourishing & blissful

Jodie is an experienced Wellness Practitioner with more 15 years experience supporting people to reclaim their vitality. Her love of sound based therapies stems from her love of people, the human bio-organism and the life matrix we reside in, create, & partake in. Since a young age she has had a keen interest in vibration, frequency & the potentials of sound. Years as a musician & cellist furthered her interest into the healing properties of sound, and the potential of sound to effect matter & be enjoyed physically. She now draws on her past experience as an Emotional Health Consultant, Mentor and Energetic Healer to deliver informed Sound Healing Treatments.

Sound and energetic medicines have the ability nourish people deeply and support relaxation so that the necessary healing can occur. Through shifting physical, mental, emotional and spiritual disturbances, health & true happiness can be regained. In our current world environment where we are often surrounded by non harmonic sound and frequency, bathing the physical and energetic body in intentional harmonic sound frequencies can have far reaching spiritual health benefits.

More about Acutonics...

Acutonics utilises the deep wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Psychology, and the science of frequency. Specifically calibrated tuning forks are used on your body’s meridians, acupuncture points, energetic centres and muscles to support you regain health & vibrant energy function.

Acutonics is a very enjoyable treatment to receive, similar to receiving a massage however with sound moving through & bathing your body. After an Acutonics treatment you will often feel deeply relaxed, yet energized , nourished and equipped to flourish.

More about Biofield Tuning....

Biofield Tuning uses sound waves produced by tuning forks to detect and harmonise unprocessed trauma and stress that sits in the Biofield surrounding our bodies. The sound frequencies of the tuning forks gently support the body in recognising and changing its own vibrational imbalances helping the body to ‘tune’ itself so that it can digest and integrate unprocessed experiences, allowing emotions to pass through rather than suppressing them. By utilising sound in this way to reduce the amount of unprocessed ‘noise’ and resistance in the body’s electrical system, our bodies are more in tune & in rhythm, and we enter into a state of balance & flow.