sarah o’brien

Clinical Nutritionist (BHSc)

As a clinical nutritionist (BHSc), I work in a holistic, evidence-based and individualised manner and believe that nutrition should not be complicated or stressful - food is to be enjoyed!

I am passionate about making everyday food choices easier, whilst helping you tune into your food-body-mind connection - how does food make you feel?

I place an emphasis on whole foods, along with lifestyle recommendations, whilst utilising nutritional supplementation where required.

My services are tailored around what you individually require – whilst my areas of special interest are gut health, stress, workplace wellness, the food and mood connection and postnatal and early childhood nutrition, I love all the ways that holistic nutrition can support and nourish us throughout our lives, and I am also here to help you reach your goals and find balance in the following areas:

* General nutritional support and guidance
* Hormonal health
* Immune support
* Fatigue and sleep
* Mental wellbeing
* Prenatal nutrition
* Weight management with a focus on long term

My own journey with nutrition began around 11 years ago when I turned to food as medicine concepts, under the guidance of qualified practitioners, to assist me in turning around my diet and poor gastrointestinal health and found that it was also beneficial in other areas such as mental well-being.

Inspired by the changes I was experiencing as both my physical and mental health settled into a more balanced place, and excited by the inspiring information I was being exposed to, I enrolled in a Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional Medicine).

With 16 years’ ongoing experience in the Payroll industry, the latter half being in various specialist and leadership roles, I also understand the importance of workplace wellness and love the ways that nutrition can support us during busy days and weeks.

We welcomed our first child last year and I enjoyed focusing on pregnancy and postnatal nutrition throughout this period. I have also had lots of fun focusing on baby and toddler nutrition since introducing her to food over the past months!

I am now passionate about sharing my knowledge and varied experience via one on one consultations, workplace talks & local community workshops and look forward to being part of your journey!