Shelia Murray

Holistic practitioner specialising in Flower Essence therapy

I have worked in holistic practice for a long time and my progression to working with Flower Essences has come from both my own personal, ongoing healing journey, my professional growth and evolution as a holistic practitioner and observing first-hand the impact that the flowers have on clients and their healing journey.

While I love the power of herbal medicine and its innate healing ability and unique interaction with everyone, I find that there is something else that needs to connect a person holistically to support and empower them in their healing process. Every aspect of us needs an opportunity to be heard and to heal so we can truly embrace holistic healing.

The beauty of the Flower Essences is in the gentle way it moves between the body mind and spirit, bringing new perspective, things that seemed overwhelming to us suddenly shift and we are able to find a way towards the integration of our body mind and spirit.

But the question remains: why do we need to experience the painful disrupted body at all? My belief is that it’s an absence of alignment and integration that creates a lot of the pain we experience. The absence of something leaves a bottomless pit in our being as we try and fill with various and often destructive distractions. When you bring the Flower Essences into your life new perspective and new insights emerge.

Over the past few years, the Flower Essences have come back into my life. I started to work with them in a new way and discovered such a vast reservoir of information and insight that I am continually blown away. Every day and with every session, I am amazed and astounded at the power that the Flower Essences hold and the impact they deliver.

The Flowers reveal an aspect of the story of the person, where they are now and the little glitches that are occurring to hold them back. The Flowers give a voice to the other aspects of the person, beyond just the physical pain and discomfort.

Beneath all our physical issues are drivers from a deeper place. Aspects of ourselves that need to be seen, to be given a voice and consideration that we often have a vague awareness of but tend to be too busy to pay too much attention to, the Flowers have become a pathway to accessing those insights within.