Tiffany mertens


Orignally from the US, I came to Australia in pursuit of my passion - dancing! Having spent the last 6 years in the States performing on stage at local events, festivals, and functions, I was excited to take my journey a step further. It was just before I left the States that I was introduced to ecstatic dance and right way I knew that type of environment was the setting for me. I loved how open and free the experience was, allowing me to dance however I felt and in full creative expression. It was such a treat!

Shortly after arriving in Australia, I joined a performance troupe in Brisbane and expanded my knowledge of true embodiment. These experiences moved me in such a way that I began to integrate those teachings with my own practice and am now feeling called to create my own workshops and class offerings. Dance has been my go-to for moving energy and channeling my higher self because to me, there is nothing like a sick beat to catch wave and connect to spirit. Music has the power to transform not only my state of mind, but also my state of BEING and it's my pleasure to bring that same connection to the community.