Yin Yoga + Intuitive Circle | Saturday 31st August 1pm - 3pm

This 2 hour workshop comprises of a 1 hour nourishing and relaxing Yin Yoga practice followed by a 1 hour intuitive circle exploration.

Yin Yoga

Facilitated by Maileen Hawthorne, Yoga Teacher

A nourishing and meditative style of yoga that creates space in the mind and in the body.  Postures are seated or lying.  No yoga experience is necessary!  All yoga mats and props are supplied.  There will be lots of bolsters, cushions, and blankets for support in all of the seated and lying postures.  This practice is about softening and letting go of muscle tension.  Wear whatever is most comfortable for you. 

Intuitive Circle

Facilitated by May Soliven, Medium & Clairvoyant

We all possess innate intuitive abilities but we move through life largely ignoring or unaware of how to use our own internal compass.  Life becomes so much more enriching, fun and creative when we learn how to connect to Source.

As we gather in sacred circle, Source and Spirit Guides will be invited for divine communion.

Allow yourself to receive messages in the form of visuals, feelings, sounds, or words (just to name a few).

Explore how to recognise and receive downloads for your own personal direction..

This Intuitive Circle is all about creativity, fun, interaction and exploration. All you need to do is stay curious and open!


Tickets are $55.

Early bird tickets are $45 and are available until Friday 16 August.

About your facilitators

May Soliven is an Intuitive Medium and Light-worker, specialising in clairvoyant downloads and readings. As an initiated Shaman, she leads by sewing threads of the numinous into the physical- anchoring more light and planting seeds of love wherever possible. May considers herself as a spiritual renegade, a hybridiser and synthesiser of many truths, that ultimately lead to the path of Oneness and the Absolute. Her philosophy is simple, and that is to be a conscious and deliberate practitioner of love, kindness and compassion.

Maileen Hawthorne is a yoga teacher and holistic counsellor who emphasises purposeful and soul-driven action, one breath at a time. Her yoga classes explore philosophical ideas from all pathways of truth and how it can be intertwined into everyday living. Through practical application, spirituality is no longer a mere concept, but is now an experience, allowing the individual to awaken to their own version of truth. Maileen's professional career as a lawyer gives her much insight into how modern-day challenges can wear us down and keep us there; or be used as a tool to guide us into a life of more meaning and purpose.