Yoga For Fertility with Monique Blackwell | 28-29 March 2020


This event has been postponed until 28-29 March 2020.

Yoga For Fertility Workshop will dive into understanding your cycle and body changes in line with fertility. During the session you will learn can be used to understand how your body supports you to conceive, whether you are looking to conceive or use the information for natural contraception. Leading on from the previous days' workshop (but attendance to both is not a requirement), we will talk about tracking your cycle, aligning your cycle with the moon and what techniques are available for natural conception. We will then go through yoga poses, sequences and practices to optimise your fertility and hormone balance. For anyone going through ART or perimenopause this practice can be really beautiful to enable you to reconnect with your body and a cycle, when your own may not be available to you.

By attending one or both workshops, you will take away a deeper and greater understanding of why we bleed and what a gift the power of the womb gives women. Along with little gifts to take home, you will receive copies of the small sequences we will practice in the workshop you attend, which work to support the body; its monthly changes and hormone balance. No previous yoga experience is required. Come along to reconnect inward and celebrate why we cycle and bleed.

Both workshops include the following gifts:

A Rock & Co crystal for full moon intentions

A Rock & Co smudge stick for cleansing

Tangible props for meditation mantras and visualisation