Indigo Soul Wellness is a Yoga & Pilates studio, partnering with Wellness Practitioners to support you to breath easier, feel lighter, honour yourself, be well and connect to life! 


In a beautifully restored 1947 Queenslander you can practice yoga and pilates, detox and relax in the infrared sauna, learn how to live a low-tox life and have access to incredible wellness practitioners to help you grow, have fun, relax and live in your highest vibration.

And the best bit is…we will be right there with you, growing, learning, practicing and sweating!  




Indigo Soul Wellness is owned and run by two women who took a leap of faith from safety into the unknown. The calling was stronger than the fear. To create a safe, inviting and  holistic hub supporting those who want to create a better everyday for themselves. Join us for yoga, pilates, infrared sauna, wellness treatments and inspiring and empowering events.

Indigo gifts you with the space you need to

Breathe easier | Feel lighter | Connect to life | Honour yourself | Be well




 Indigo Soul is proof you get to choose life. We don’t care what you wear or how flexible you are, just that you have a thirst for self-discovery. We are a community of love and support, that grows, learns and connects on all levels together.


Here are a few things we believe

We believe we need joy, fun, movement and stillness everyday

We believe yoga isn’t about how flexible we are, it’s about getting into the body and calming the mind

We believe all the answers are inside us

We believe to find the answers we need to be still to hear the whispers

We believe depression and anxiety occurs when we dwell on the past or worry about the future

We believe peace and joy can be found in the now moment

We believe it rocks to have a strong core and beautiful posture

We believe to hear our souls’ whispers, we need to connect to our hearts and turn our third eyes on